H2O MINERALPLUS™ is the exclusive partner of H2O LIFE SOURCE, the leading water specialist company in South East Asia. With the H2ORefill Franchise System, H2O MINERALPLUS™ is making clean drinking water more accessible, affordable and better for health.

Our patented Purified Mineral Water (PMW) system provides not just pure drinking water, but water that is naturally mineralized. The PMW system state-of-the-art technology designed for high efficiency. This sleek product is a lightweight, high capacity and patented NANO-UF filter that supplies high quality, bacteria-free drinking water at 1,000 litres/hour. It is designed to be able to operate with very low water pressure, (a common issue faced by developing countries).

The PMW system complies strictly with the Philippines FDA H-16-309 and US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requirement in 21 CFR 177-182 for safety, and has been tested to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 42 in reducing contaminants.

H2O MineralPlus™ stations do not remove minerals in the water which are essential for better health. We utilize green technology that cuts water wastage and the use of electricity.

H2O MineralPlus Purified Mineral Water system

The Eco-Green Technology for Water Purification

The filtration and purification systems used in a small water refilling station is no small technology.

The PMW – 1000 Purified Mineral Water system is a light weight, high capacity patented filter. The system supplies high quality, bacteria-free drinking water. This sleek product is designed to operate with low water supply, a common issue with cities and towns of developing countries, without the need of a booster or diaphragm pump. This means our water stations can operate and supply clean, drinking water even in the event of a power outage.

Environmental Consciousness

A typical refilling station suffers as much as 80% of water wastage due to inefficiency of the filtration technology employed. With our patented superior technology, H2O MINERALPLUS Water Stations are able to convert 100% of the incoming water to purified mineral water, water wastage is reduced to almost zero.


It is the vision of H2O MINERALPLUS to provide better water for better health, to plant at least one thousand purified mineral water refilling stations across the Philippines by 2020.