H2O MineralPlus™ Purified Mineral Water

The Purified Mineral Water that H2O MineralPlus water stations produce is full of natural minerals that our bodies require and benefit from. By removing harmful bacteria, germs and chemicals, while retaining essential minerals, with our patented filtration system, we can ensure that we provide the best natural drinking water to the people.

The Traditional Water Refilling

Demineralized water (RO Water alike) is also known as "dead" water. Drinking it has been proven to be detrimental to our health; the aggressive, acidic water strips our bodies of essential minerals. The World Health Organization (WHO), has published numerous research papers warning people of the health risks of drinking demineralized water.

Franchise with H2O MineralPlus™

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State-Of-The-Art Patented Technology

The Purified Mineral Water system is a light weight, high capacity patented filter that supplies high quality, bacteria-free mineral water.

Small Setup, Big Returns

H2O MineralPlus Water Stations have low running & maintenance costs and needs only minimal space to operate. This gives our franchisees high profits and a speedy ROI.

Multiple Streams Of Income

Our franchisees have the option of not only selling water, but Water Ionizers for home use. This gives them multiple streams of income with water, ionizer & filter sales.

Low Investment Outlay

Start your own Water Refilling Station Franchise with as little as US$5,000.

Why franchise with H2O MineralPlus

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